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Camille Styles + KK Paperie

Camille Styles is one of our dearest Austin entrepreneur friends. Her wildly popular website is a source of daily inspiration for us that’s full of healthy lifestyle tips, beautiful recipes, and inspired entertaining tips. We stopped by her charming bungalow turned stylish studio to see which of our new paperie prints suited each member of her team best. Each one has a style all of its own, so we couldn’t wait to see which pattern spoke to them the most, how they personalized the designs with our monograms, and what we most look forward to is seeing how the ideas jotted down in these notebooks will be brought to life with stories for her thousands of readers, like us, to enjoy.

Camille Styles, Creative Director

Camille describes her style as casual and effortless, and we love that she chose the Safari print with a simple C monogram. “This print is on trend, but also timeless,” she says. Camille is super tech savvy and uses apps like Evernote to keep her busy life organized, but she always has a notebook on hand too—“The act of actually writing something down always fires up my creative juices!” she says. Her tip for keeping her office and desk space organized? Clear off the surface of your desk at the end of every work day.


Jenn Rose Smith, Art Director + Travel Editor

We are a big fan of Jenn Rose Smith’s enviable style—it’s glamorous meets surfer girl chic. Jenn Rose who loves to wear anything with ruffles, sensuous fabrics and soft pieces that make her feel happy when puts them on. She chose the Saharan Sunset print with the modern monogram in black. “I love the pretty peach color and the luxurious amount of pages,” she says. She will be using it to sketch on her upcoming travels. “It’s fun to kill time on a plane by drawing, or to sketch out little details from the trip you want to remember,” she says.

Chanel Dror, Executive Producer

Chanel is Camille’s right hand gal and has worked with her since she graduated college eight years ago. She can’t live without her notebook, which features a running to-do list of everything going on in her life. We love the combo she selected—the In Check journal with a 3D monogram style in mint. “I love that it’s just the right size to be able to take proper notes in, but still small enough to fit into just about any handbag!” she says. She oversees the production of all of the Camille’s gorgeous photo shoots, and we love her personal style, which she calls “pretty simple with inspiration from urban street style trends.”

Megan Leihgeber, Production and Styling Assistant

We couldn’t agree more with Megan’s philosophy on the important of a notebook—“Important tasks and notes get lost in emails, Word documents, and sticky notes. Having a notebook keeps it simple to remember what my priority for the day is. Plus, it’s so satisfying to physically check something off of my list! Megan picked the Out of Africa journal with the stripe monogram in yellow and orange. 

Katherine Fluor, Associate Editor  

Katherine’s style is both boho and comfortable, so the Monstera journal was a perfect fit for her. “It adds a fun pop of color and looks trés chic with my black moleskine notebook that I use for lots of note taking as well,” she says. “I also love that it reminds me of summer and warm, happy, fun times!”

Design Chat with Shannon Eddings

Design Chat with Shannon Eddings

Austin interior designer Shannon Eddings’s style feels both vintage and current at the same time. She knows how to put together a perfect gallery wall (we are swooning over the nautical themed masterpiece she created at the historic Carr Mansion in Galveston, Texas), she made us laugh during her appearance on an episode of HGTV House Hunters, and her East Austin home is filled with cleverly styled vignettes and downright good design moments around every corner. It’s where we caught up with her on a recent fall afternoon to find out about her favorite KK Paperie print (Seeing Spots or Xs), where she gathers inspiration for her whimsical work, and how she juggles a busy career (and three even busier kiddos).

 How do you keep your life organized?

I use notebooks for taking notes during client meetings, sketching, and general to-do lists. I use spreadsheets for tracking purchases and project management— I do swear by Google shared calendars and sheets. But for the most part, I stay pretty old school when it comes to organization and stick to paper. I have found that getting on my phone for notes and organization can be distracting as so much information is coming in and can be overwhelming. My notebook is easier to keep my lists and thoughts straight.

You were an art history major in college and have a great collections of books around your home. What’s currently inspiring you?

The last book I read was Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honneger. I finished it feeling really inspired to take risks. I recently revisited The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway. His romantic imagery cannot be beat. Magazine wise I have been feeling very inspired by Elle Décor, especially when I can get my hands on the UK edition, and of course, Domino, always. Recently I have been stuck on two art books, one of Matisse’s work one of Cy Twombly’s.

What are your favorite design accounts to follow on Instagram?

I love following Chairish, Pierce and Ward, and I am really into the Accidentally Wes Anderson account.

What were the last great spaces you visited?

Last year we stayed at The Marlton Hotel in New York, and I am still dreaming about that place. I am really into spaces with a sense of history. In Austin, I really enjoy restaurants like Mattie’s and Rosewood, and The Contemporary at Laguna Gloria is an all time favorite. And anything in Santa Fe!

What’s currently happening in design right now that you are loving?

I love rattan and woven textures. I am always into Turkish and Moroccan rugs. Hand-glazed tiles are a new love, murals, and velvet. For colors, I am loving a monochromatic look in a moody color, like green velvet curtains on an olive green wall.

Commissioned Art with Merrilee McGehee

Commissioned Art with Merrilee McGehee

I move things around in my house at least once a week. A chair I bought for there is now here. We launched removable wallpaper for a reason. And my children and husband have come to simply roll their eyes when yet another handyman shows up. My most recent switch is one that is here to stay and with this piece finally in its rightful place, I found it to also now be the time to share the artist and story behind it. 

This piece was moved from a dividing accent wall entering our bedroom to our dining room and one of the first things you see upon entering our house. I’m happy I finally found where it should have been all along. A little over a year ago I commissioned it from the ever so talented artist/interior designer/actress, Merrilee McGehee for my husband’s 40thbirthday. She and I used to be neighbors so I had seen some of her oversized, mixed-medium pieces many times before. I told her I knew I wanted her signature large piece with acrylic resin over some sort of interesting medium and that I knew I wanted this Rumi poem that we love to be the theme:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.


The other things I had in mind, given the theme of a field, were dried flowers or plants that I had collected from Greg. A piece of fern from a trip to Scotland when our dear friend and mentor, Jim, was explaining a fractal. A fern’s leaves are a fractal. That’s a story for another time. A flower he had given me on a walk, plant species native to our most beloved get-aways and some of his favorite childhood memories in Arkansas. I gave these nostalgic dried treasures to Mer, a copy of the poem and said let me know what you think. Scroll down for us sorting through three initial options, what we came up with and details of the finished product which we LOVE, especially in it’s new dining room home. 


Everything You Need to Know about the ACL Platinum Lounge

Everything You Need to Know about the ACL Platinum Lounge

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about October. For starters, football season is in full swing and triple digit temps have begun to make way for cooler weather. Not to mention there’s a limitless amount of pumpkin spiced items to indulge your cravings. But at our homebase in Austin, October means one thing—the epic Austin City Limits Music Festival. For two weekends nearly half a million music lovers convene on our beloved Zilker Park to see their favorite musical acts from around the world.

Through our Katie Kime x ACL Platinum Lounge we get to introduce this crowd to some of our favorite products of the season alongside refreshing cocktails and plenty of southern hospitality by creating a KK world for VIP guests to hang and get some rest from the heat. Sitting at the drawing board to imagine what each year’s lounges will look like has been one of my favorite creative exercises over the last two years.

What do we have in store for this year? Well, you’ll just have to wait to find out, but be sure you’re following us here for all of our sneak peeks and first reveals. In the meantime, join us for a stroll down memory lane as we look at our past ACL Platinum Lounge experiences. Plus, we’ve added a playlist with some of our favorite ACL 2018 artists. Use it to get ready for the festival or to curb the fomo if you won’t be making it this year.