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Entrepreneurship | THE KATIE KIME BLOG
Behind The Design: Bar Under the Sun

Behind The Design: Bar Under the Sun

  • Meet the owners of the bar

The owners – Lesley & Ben Lomax – were born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX. Both eventually returned to their hometown and married in 2015. They wanted to try to bring something new to Corpus Christi and participate in a growing downtown revival movement.

  • Tell me a little about the bar

BUS opened in December 2017 in what was previously the Greyhound Bus Station in Downtown Corpus Christi. The bar is pet friendly and family friendly with outdoor TVs, yard games, and food trucks. The bar focuses on cocktails and craft beer served in a relaxed and bright atmosphere.

Jungle Leaves Wallpaper
  • Your drinks are so cute! What is the bar’s signature drink?

We have a few signature cocktails, one of the most popular is the “Ghost of the Greyhound”.


Ghost of the Greyhound
1.5 oz Basil-infused vodka (done in-house using Dripping Springs)
.75 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
.75 Simple Syrup
3 dash Fee Bros. grapefruit bitters

Shake all ingredients vigorously and pour into rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with basil leaf.

  • What is your biggest design challenge while creating the bar? 

The bus station was in very bad shape when we purchased the property; as it had become dilapidated after years of neglect. Trying to sell people on our vision was a significant challenge simply because of the condition of the building. We also really wanted to make sure to restore what was already there, rather than tearing down and building.

  • What was your design inspiration for the bar?

We wanted to make sure embrace the urban-coastal atmosphere of Downtown Corpus Christi, while using industrial accents to pay homage to the building’s history as a transportation hub. Also, Lesley’s love for restoration and antiques (inherited from her grandmother and mother) played a large part of the design inspiration.

  • Why did you choose Katie Kime Wallpaper?

The design of the bar largely reflects Lesley’s personal tastes; and Lesley is a fan of Katie Kime designs. We like to focus on Texas products, as well. For example, our craft beer selection is exclusively in-state. So, when we wanted to incorporate a palm wall in the bar, Katie Kime wallpaper was our first choice. We think it turned out to be a terrific centerpiece for the concept.

Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Wheaton

Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Wheaton


How did you get your start?

I have sewn my entire life. My grandmothers both taught me growing up, and my mom is/was always down with a “I think I’ll make my Easter dress this year” statement.  My husband and I had only been married about 90 days when I found out I was pregnant! We were SO excited…but I quickly realized that “new house” budget was about to be chopped in half (or more). Instead of sacrificing nice things, I started making them. I made a few pillows for myself, and a friend mentioned that I should try selling them! I put them on a local buy/sell/trade site, and the rest is really history. Since my shop opened a little over 3 years ago, I’ve sold almost 10k pillow covers! EEK!

Did you always want to work in interiors?

No, definitely not! I have always loved retail and clothing, but interiors are really more of a “last 10 years” kind of thing for me. I’m still no expert (I can pick your fabrics and tell you what coordinates), but I still struggle with an entire room. Luckily, I’m friends with designers who take over where I leave off.


What would you say makes your design style / technique like no other?

There are hundreds of pillow makers on Etsy. For the most part, I think we all have the same quality/craftsmanship. What sets me apart is my willingness to work with people (I have people send me pictures of their space with the words “help me” in the title!), and my ability to match patterns and colors. I also know fabrics. I can pretty much tell you who makes any fabric. Of course every now and then someone sends me something I don’t recognize…but that is rare.


Who or what is inspiring you right now?

It has been cold & rainy here for the last 2 years it feels like. Because of that, I’m loving color. Gimme gimme gimme! I’ve also been on a big velvet kick for the last several months. I know most people don’t purchase my pillows for comfort, but that soft finish is just an added bonus

How important is art to a home?

My designer friend Jenny (@jennykramerdecor) would argue that art is the most important thing, and I’m beginning to think she’s totally right. I hosted bible study at my house the other night and my friend said “your house just feels homey” and that was the greatest compliment I’ve gotten. I don’t have a bare wall ANYWHERE. And it doesn’t have to be original art. I have photos on every.single.flat.surface in my house.


What’s your best tip for someone who isn’t sure of their “style”?

I tend to work backwards. Oftentimes ppl don’t know what they like, but they do know what they dislike. For example, when someone needs fabric help I always start with 3 questions: “1- do you have anything existing that going to be tough to match? 2- is there any color you hate? 3- how do you feel about Asian inspired designs?” Once I find out those things, it makes it much easier to suggest fabrics/textures.

What the most rewarding & challenging part about being owning your own business?

Rewarding – I get to support my family and give them the life they deserve. I joke that our house is the “house that’s paid for by pillows”, but it’s actually so close to the truth. I do still work a 9-5 (in employee benefits/insurance), so that’s a real challenge. And it really is hard when someone wants something at 7 at night and I’m at home with family and disconnected (and they aren’t gracious). I’m learning to be upfront about my priorities. I feel like people understand when they know beforehand how things are handled.

How do you find work/ life balance as a business owner?

HAHAHAHA, I don’t! I feel like every business owner says that. It’s SO easy in the beginning and you are so desperate to just get business that you’ll talk to anyone for any amount of time at any hour. If I could go back and tell my newly founded business self something, it would be to set boundaries early, be willing to say no, and never make your family feel like backseat.


Anything else you want us to know about you?

I absolutely LOVE my customers. A large majority of my business is repeat customers. Some have been with me since the beginning. I’ve done their house, their nurseries, their vacation home…I just feel like I’m a part of their life!

Your favorite Katie Kime print why?

My favorite print is Bees Knees. The colors are great, the design is perfect, and the scale is great on any size cover! 

Katie Kime x Supply Showroom

When we are having one of those inexplicable days where we are feeling in a creative rut, we just drive over to Lake Austin Boulevard and walk into the doors of Supply Showroom and inspiration is found. Each of the three co-owners, Kristin Gish, Callie Jenschke, and Kim West, each have an enviable style in their own rights, so when they came together to open their showroom that’s filled with gorgeous textiles, wallpaper, fabrics, fixtures, and more, it was pure magic. We stopped by the colorful bungalow that’s filled with whimsy and design goals to see how each Supply gal wears their Katie Kime.

Callie Jenschke in the Katie Kime In Check Maxi Dress

How did you style your KK? 
I rocked a pair of gold Golden Goose sneakers and a pair of KK earrings. 

What are you loving about this frock? 
The length! As a tall girl, it’s always a special find to have a maxi dress that hits the ankle! 

What are three staples in your wardrobe that you can’t live without? 
A sequin covered something, sneakers, and a pair of high-waisted jeans. 

What are you looking forward to for Supply in 2019? 
I am looking forward to our new website! Coming spring 2019.

Kim West in the Saharan Sunset Maxi Dress

How did you style your KK? 
With a bold lip of course.

What are you loving about this frock?
I like the maxi length with a waistband to give you a little shape.

What are three staples in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?
I can’t live without fancy sneakers, Nars lipsticks and prints.

What are you looking forward to for Supply in 2019?
Spending time with our incredible team and seeing how our clients use our beautiful things in their projects.

Kristin Gish in the In Check Bow

How did you style your KK? 
I styled the darling neck tie with a crisp collared white button down, big earrings, high-waisted jeans, and of course a bright lip!

What do you love the KK tie?
Love that this accessory is feminine with playful mix of masculine.

What are three staples in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?
I am jeans girl–so jeans in every shape and form, big statement earrings, and I have a dress fetish. I don’t know where I will wear all the dresses I have collected, as my life is pretty casual, but I do love a good frock!

What are you looking forward to for Supply in 2019?
Lots of fun things happening at SUPPLY! We have grown so much this year. We have a special team that cares as much about the company as Kim, Callie and I do! We have a lot in store for SUPPLY 2019, but it’s a secret!

Camille Styles + KK Paperie

Camille Styles is one of our dearest Austin entrepreneur friends. Her wildly popular website is a source of daily inspiration for us that’s full of healthy lifestyle tips, beautiful recipes, and inspired entertaining tips. We stopped by her charming bungalow turned stylish studio to see which of our new paperie prints suited each member of her team best. Each one has a style all of its own, so we couldn’t wait to see which pattern spoke to them the most, how they personalized the designs with our monograms, and what we most look forward to is seeing how the ideas jotted down in these notebooks will be brought to life with stories for her thousands of readers, like us, to enjoy.

Camille Styles, Creative Director

Camille describes her style as casual and effortless, and we love that she chose the Safari print with a simple C monogram. “This print is on trend, but also timeless,” she says. Camille is super tech savvy and uses apps like Evernote to keep her busy life organized, but she always has a notebook on hand too—“The act of actually writing something down always fires up my creative juices!” she says. Her tip for keeping her office and desk space organized? Clear off the surface of your desk at the end of every work day.


Jenn Rose Smith, Art Director + Travel Editor

We are a big fan of Jenn Rose Smith’s enviable style—it’s glamorous meets surfer girl chic. Jenn Rose who loves to wear anything with ruffles, sensuous fabrics and soft pieces that make her feel happy when puts them on. She chose the Saharan Sunset print with the modern monogram in black. “I love the pretty peach color and the luxurious amount of pages,” she says. She will be using it to sketch on her upcoming travels. “It’s fun to kill time on a plane by drawing, or to sketch out little details from the trip you want to remember,” she says.

Chanel Dror, Executive Producer

Chanel is Camille’s right hand gal and has worked with her since she graduated college eight years ago. She can’t live without her notebook, which features a running to-do list of everything going on in her life. We love the combo she selected—the In Check journal with a 3D monogram style in mint. “I love that it’s just the right size to be able to take proper notes in, but still small enough to fit into just about any handbag!” she says. She oversees the production of all of the Camille’s gorgeous photo shoots, and we love her personal style, which she calls “pretty simple with inspiration from urban street style trends.”

Megan Leihgeber, Production and Styling Assistant

We couldn’t agree more with Megan’s philosophy on the important of a notebook—“Important tasks and notes get lost in emails, Word documents, and sticky notes. Having a notebook keeps it simple to remember what my priority for the day is. Plus, it’s so satisfying to physically check something off of my list! Megan picked the Out of Africa journal with the stripe monogram in yellow and orange. 

Katherine Fluor, Associate Editor  

Katherine’s style is both boho and comfortable, so the Monstera journal was a perfect fit for her. “It adds a fun pop of color and looks trés chic with my black moleskine notebook that I use for lots of note taking as well,” she says. “I also love that it reminds me of summer and warm, happy, fun times!”

Jessie Johnson: Waterloo Records + Oxford Style

Jessie Johnson: Waterloo Records + Oxford Style

Back in 2017, we interviewed three inspiring women making waves in their world and photographed in their unique oxford style. You can customize yours here. Jessie Johnson is marketing and event director at Waterloo Records.

Jessie Johnson

©Leah Muse Photography

I am passionate about…So many things! My kids are my number one passion, second comes music, then getting to do anything outdoors. I am constantly trying to smush all those things together.


My personal style is… I hope to dress in a way that makes me feel artistic. Patti Smith is a huge style icon for me so black and white are always the central scheme, usually with black jeans. I add jewelry or the color red according to how “dressy” I want to feel. Red is the most attention-getting color!


My three favorite places in Austin are…all outdoorsy! Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, Barton Springs Pool, and Scottish Woods Trail!


The best advice I’ve ever received is…Never lose the ability to laugh at yourself. It’s the act of letting yourself off the hook for being human. And if you can find humor in your own dumb mistakes, you’re going to have a greater ability to forgive others. That’s HUGE. My beloved Grandmother taught me that.


My role models are…My husband who is incredibly kind and patient, my 11-year-old son who is such a dreamer (my six-year-old is still pretty wild) and my grandmother who was so funny and participated in dance parties with me and my kids well into her 90s.


The woman I aspire to be is…Kind, creative, patient and peaceful.

Jessie Johnson

©Leah Muse Photography



Around Town with Jordan Fronk

Around Town with Jordan Fronk

There is no one better to launch our new “Around Town” series with than the vibrant Austin resident Jordan Fronk

because, well, it seems that she is always literally around town—riding front row (and on beat) at a LOVE Cycling class, dancing at an Austin City Limits taping, hanging at the Hotel St. Cecilia, hanging with her beautiful kiddos on the Greenbelt, or dropping off fresh glass bottles of her beloved nut milk, Fronks, to one of our favorite Austin coffee shops.

Jordan officially launched her company in January of last year after getting rave reviews (and more and more requests) from friends and family who wanted refills of the raw nut milk she was making at home. “My ingredients were fresh and simple, no preservatives or other junk, so ittasted better…WAY better!” the Houston native says.

“I couldn’t bear to buy almond milk in the store anymore and wanted to offer a fresh, delicious option to my fellow Austinites.”

Now, Fronks has expanded to Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas (order now through Farmhouse Delivery). Next month, look out for Fronks EggNog (vegan, of course) on shelves and around town and at local coffeeshops. And in 2019, vegan cocktails are in the works. Think creamy White Russians and frozen Pina Coladas for spring. Yum!

We caught up with the high-energy beauty on South Congress Avenue. It’s always been the heartbeat of the city and seems to be evolving by the day with new stores, hotels and restaurants opening monthly. Jordan paired her motorcycle jacket and booties with our Zebra blouse for a look we are loving for fall. “I love the weight of the shirt — it’s light and airy enough to tuck in and layer under a jacket during these cooler days,”she says.“But, it also stands up on its own over a tank with jean shorts.”