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More Is More: Katie Kime Paper Vases

More Is More: Katie Kime Paper Vases

As you might have noticed, I have a thing for colorful prints. So, when it came to arranging flowers for dinner parties, events, or just to brighten up my home, I felt that the basic glass vases weren’t cutting it. I wanted something easy, reusable, and fun to liven up any old vase. Enter, Katie Kime Paper Vases. I designed these vases as the perfect addition to any floral arrangement, whether it’s a centerpiece at a brunch you’re hosting or a cute way to package flowers you’re sending to your bestie on her birthday.

Follow the five easy steps below on how to use our new
Katie Kime Paper Vases.

Behind The Design: Bar Under the Sun

Behind The Design: Bar Under the Sun

  • Meet the owners of the bar

The owners – Lesley & Ben Lomax – were born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX. Both eventually returned to their hometown and married in 2015. They wanted to try to bring something new to Corpus Christi and participate in a growing downtown revival movement.

  • Tell me a little about the bar

BUS opened in December 2017 in what was previously the Greyhound Bus Station in Downtown Corpus Christi. The bar is pet friendly and family friendly with outdoor TVs, yard games, and food trucks. The bar focuses on cocktails and craft beer served in a relaxed and bright atmosphere.

Jungle Leaves Wallpaper
  • Your drinks are so cute! What is the bar’s signature drink?

We have a few signature cocktails, one of the most popular is the “Ghost of the Greyhound”.


Ghost of the Greyhound
1.5 oz Basil-infused vodka (done in-house using Dripping Springs)
.75 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
.75 Simple Syrup
3 dash Fee Bros. grapefruit bitters

Shake all ingredients vigorously and pour into rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with basil leaf.

  • What is your biggest design challenge while creating the bar? 

The bus station was in very bad shape when we purchased the property; as it had become dilapidated after years of neglect. Trying to sell people on our vision was a significant challenge simply because of the condition of the building. We also really wanted to make sure to restore what was already there, rather than tearing down and building.

  • What was your design inspiration for the bar?

We wanted to make sure embrace the urban-coastal atmosphere of Downtown Corpus Christi, while using industrial accents to pay homage to the building’s history as a transportation hub. Also, Lesley’s love for restoration and antiques (inherited from her grandmother and mother) played a large part of the design inspiration.

  • Why did you choose Katie Kime Wallpaper?

The design of the bar largely reflects Lesley’s personal tastes; and Lesley is a fan of Katie Kime designs. We like to focus on Texas products, as well. For example, our craft beer selection is exclusively in-state. So, when we wanted to incorporate a palm wall in the bar, Katie Kime wallpaper was our first choice. We think it turned out to be a terrific centerpiece for the concept.

Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Wheaton

Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Wheaton


How did you get your start?

I have sewn my entire life. My grandmothers both taught me growing up, and my mom is/was always down with a “I think I’ll make my Easter dress this year” statement.  My husband and I had only been married about 90 days when I found out I was pregnant! We were SO excited…but I quickly realized that “new house” budget was about to be chopped in half (or more). Instead of sacrificing nice things, I started making them. I made a few pillows for myself, and a friend mentioned that I should try selling them! I put them on a local buy/sell/trade site, and the rest is really history. Since my shop opened a little over 3 years ago, I’ve sold almost 10k pillow covers! EEK!

Did you always want to work in interiors?

No, definitely not! I have always loved retail and clothing, but interiors are really more of a “last 10 years” kind of thing for me. I’m still no expert (I can pick your fabrics and tell you what coordinates), but I still struggle with an entire room. Luckily, I’m friends with designers who take over where I leave off.


What would you say makes your design style / technique like no other?

There are hundreds of pillow makers on Etsy. For the most part, I think we all have the same quality/craftsmanship. What sets me apart is my willingness to work with people (I have people send me pictures of their space with the words “help me” in the title!), and my ability to match patterns and colors. I also know fabrics. I can pretty much tell you who makes any fabric. Of course every now and then someone sends me something I don’t recognize…but that is rare.


Who or what is inspiring you right now?

It has been cold & rainy here for the last 2 years it feels like. Because of that, I’m loving color. Gimme gimme gimme! I’ve also been on a big velvet kick for the last several months. I know most people don’t purchase my pillows for comfort, but that soft finish is just an added bonus

How important is art to a home?

My designer friend Jenny (@jennykramerdecor) would argue that art is the most important thing, and I’m beginning to think she’s totally right. I hosted bible study at my house the other night and my friend said “your house just feels homey” and that was the greatest compliment I’ve gotten. I don’t have a bare wall ANYWHERE. And it doesn’t have to be original art. I have photos on every.single.flat.surface in my house.


What’s your best tip for someone who isn’t sure of their “style”?

I tend to work backwards. Oftentimes ppl don’t know what they like, but they do know what they dislike. For example, when someone needs fabric help I always start with 3 questions: “1- do you have anything existing that going to be tough to match? 2- is there any color you hate? 3- how do you feel about Asian inspired designs?” Once I find out those things, it makes it much easier to suggest fabrics/textures.

What the most rewarding & challenging part about being owning your own business?

Rewarding – I get to support my family and give them the life they deserve. I joke that our house is the “house that’s paid for by pillows”, but it’s actually so close to the truth. I do still work a 9-5 (in employee benefits/insurance), so that’s a real challenge. And it really is hard when someone wants something at 7 at night and I’m at home with family and disconnected (and they aren’t gracious). I’m learning to be upfront about my priorities. I feel like people understand when they know beforehand how things are handled.

How do you find work/ life balance as a business owner?

HAHAHAHA, I don’t! I feel like every business owner says that. It’s SO easy in the beginning and you are so desperate to just get business that you’ll talk to anyone for any amount of time at any hour. If I could go back and tell my newly founded business self something, it would be to set boundaries early, be willing to say no, and never make your family feel like backseat.


Anything else you want us to know about you?

I absolutely LOVE my customers. A large majority of my business is repeat customers. Some have been with me since the beginning. I’ve done their house, their nurseries, their vacation home…I just feel like I’m a part of their life!

Your favorite Katie Kime print why?

My favorite print is Bees Knees. The colors are great, the design is perfect, and the scale is great on any size cover! 

One of a Kime Spaces We’re Currently Loving

One of a Kime Spaces We’re Currently Loving

There’s nothing we love more than getting pictures from our happy customers in their happy spaces! Our removable wallpaper is the perfect way to add a pop of color in any room. Here’s a look at four of our favorite ‘One of a Kime Spaces’ this month!

Award-winning Interior Designer, Courtnay Tartt Elias of Houston, Texas brightened up her Galveston vacation home with our Spring Pineapples Wallpaper. We love the way she used accents of gold to tie together the pink and green color scheme.

This happy space we are loving is from one of our favorite interior design firms. Boutique full service interior design firm, Baudit Interior Design, from Toronto, Canada specializes in residential and corporate spaces. Baudit used one of our classic wallpapers, Seeing Spots Wallpaper, to liven up a plain white wall in one of their customers bedrooms.

I spoke with Erika McCarthy who told me a little more about this colorful space.

The project was completed in the fall of 2017, it was a new custom home located in Oakville, Ontario (west of Toronto), and we looked after the full interiors scope – all finishes, millwork design, lighting layouts and specification, furniture, etc… all of it. The home is very modern but has a warm aesthetic and is very comfortable and welcoming. The finishes throughout the home are very neutral, all white walls, warm wood tones, and some beautiful deep blue tones in furnishings. This bedroom was for a young girl, and while we wanted to continue the clean look from rest of the home in to the two kids bedrooms, it was important that these spaces be fun and youthful yet sophisticated. I wanted this space to be fun for the age this special girls is now, but be able to grow with her and not date itself. A rich saturated pink was selected for the the headboard accented by gold studs. I’ve always loved the Seeing Spots pattern and this was the perfect application for it! The white backing was the perfect match to the wall colour throughout the home, it blended seamlessly and the spots created just the right amount of impact on this feature wall.

– Erika McCarthy

Banana Leaves Wallpaper has always been a favorite among the Katie Kime Team, so when we saw the way it transformed this tiny office space, I knew I had to catch up with the Interior Designer who created this magical space. Lover of all this bright and cheery, Lisa Ball Williams gave us some insight on her background and her love for the Katie Kime Banana Leaves Wallpaper.

First, I asked Lisa to tell me a little about herself and her background with interior design

I’ve been designing and renovating houses for 20 years. I love a renovation project and have done 6 renovations on my own family homes, all of them varying in scale.  3 were in Oxford, MS where we lived as a family for 23 years. We moved to Birmingham in 2015 and have done 3 houses in 4 years.  We love it! Still working on the 3rd one in here. Luckily most of our renovated houses have sold to family or friends, so I still get to spend time in them after moving on to the next house that is calling us for some love and beauty treatments!  …and the next! Each house has been perfect for a particular stage of life for us.  I keep saying I could do a book on our life events based on what house we lived in!

In my design work, I use individuality, creativity and color so that “no home will look exactly like yours” – my own homes have each had a different flair, but much of the same furniture, family heirlooms and art which is how I work with clients both local and long distance. I could go on and on, but I know you just needed a little info and will have to hone this down as it is. Like most designers, I could talk about it forever. 

– Lisa Ball Williams

I asked Lisa to tell me about her office space and why she chose the Banana Leaves Wallpaper.

Last year in Birmingham, AL, this office was carved out of an attic space at the end of a sunny hall. The house needed a spot to sit and pay bills, work from home, etc within earshot of the upstairs playroom and children’s bedrooms. Since the 8×11 space was in between interior walls, there was no way to put in a window….I had been adoring the Katie Kime banana leaf paper on Instagram and website, so I immediately knew it was the perfect way to bring the outside into this windowless space. The wallpaper combined with green cabinetry and turquoise accents provides instant happy energy! I feel like the office is ageless -great now for adults and will be a wonderful homework area or computer station later for older kids. 

– Lisa Ball Williams

Lastly, we are loving this beautiful bright office space! This is the office at Mirror Mirror Salon located right here in Austin, Texas. Owner and Stylist, Martha Lynn Kale, used our clean, chic Arrows Wallpaper to make her office space bright and girly.

Goodbye white walls. Removable wallpaper for the renter.

Goodbye white walls. Removable wallpaper for the renter.

Removable wallpaper liberates today’s renters from plain walls. Now you can create a living space that reflects your personality.
Peel + stick wallpaper can be used to line shelves and drawers, apply to the ceiling and walls or even refinish furniture. (shown above: Navy Zebra print)
The versatility of peel + stick allows easy installation and removal so renters can walk away years later with security deposit in hand.
For all of you with commitment issues, or you’re addicted to redesigning your living space every few months, peel + stick wallpaper is so easy to install, so feel free to change it up as often as you like!
New for 2018, West Palm Beach print. Vivid and gorgeous, we are confident this print will look amazing in any room of your home, however you decide to apply it.
Pinterest is full of designer wallpaper and unique ideas for application. Take a peek at our Wallpaper board for inspiration.