El Ganzo Hotel, Cabo

Katie Kime Cabo

When I started a blog I always envisioned having a travel section where I would highlight amazing destinations – third-world, design-inspired, luxurious, and everywhere in-between – that I had or would be traveling to. I’ve gotten to do that a bit so far but think 2014 is really the year that I’ll see that come to fruition. With the calendar already full with both domestic and international travel, I hope to bring not only aesthetic inspiration but also some practical help of where, what and why. So begins this year with a brief review of a recent trip to Cabo. We settled on Hotel El Ganzo at the behest of some musician friends who had been featured artist there a while back. It was somewhat dream-like and a much-needed reprieve from daily life. Below some of my shots and some official shots of the hotel and area, both which I would highly recommend. Viva la Mexico…

Katie Kime Cabo Katie Kime Cabo Katie Kime Cabo Katie Kime Cabo Katie Kime CaboBelow, official shots from the hotel.

Katie Kime Cabo

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