#KKcocktailhour: The Old Fashioned

KK Cocktail Hour Featuring the Old Fashioned

I recently set out to perfect the art of handcrafting an Old Fashioned. This classy rye drink is a long-time favorite of mine, but I found myself limited to only being able to order the expensive version at restaurants. “Why am I not making these at home and saving money?” I thought to myself. I began carefully watching the bartenders who made them for me and picked and chose what I liked about their techniques to formulate my own tailored version. I have to say, it was fun to experiment with different ratios at home. This is my final recipe:

KK Cocktail Hour Featuring the Old Fashioned

Kate’s Old Fashioned, serves 1.

You will need:

1 ¾ oz. rye (oddly specific, I know. Please add or subtract based on your personal preference. This happens to be the amount that delivers a nice rye-to-sugar ratio for my taste. Some favorite ryes of mine include High West, Bulleit and Rittenhouse)

2 sugar cubes (typically an Old Fashioned recipe would call for one, but I like mine a little sweeter)

Peychaud’s bitters

A fresh orange peel

One large ice cube (or regular ice cubes if you don’t have access to a large ice mold)

A muddler

A mixing spoon (I prefer a bar spoon with a long swirled handle)

KK Cocktail Hour Featuring the Old Fashioned


Place 2 sugar cubes in a lowball glass. Dash bitters on each cube to taste. I tend to “dash” until each cube has absorbed the bitters fully. Use muddler to crush cubes.

Pour rye into glass and add ice cube(s).

KK Cocktail Hour Featuring the Old Fashioned

Stir well.

Twist the orange peel over the top of the drink before tucking it neatly into the glass with the ice. (The orange flavor is my favorite part)

[You may add a maraschino cherry as well: this is a traditional ingredient in the Old Fashioned. I personally do not necessarily care for cherries in my drinks. I tend only to add one for guests who might enjoy that extra garnish. If you do add the cherry, you might consider adding it prior to stirring.]

KK Cocktail Hour Featuring the Old Fashioned