Formula 1 + Katie Kime

This weekend the Formula One United States Grand Prix is coming to Austin again. And we're thrilled to announce that Katie Kime is this year's fashion partner. For those of you who don't know, F1 is the World Championship of racing that consists of a series of races...

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5 Things To Try This Weekend

1. Brace for Harvey with these delicious hurricane pops.   2. Step up your sliders game with roast beef and brie for the fight of the decade.   3. Brighten up any space with this vase DIY 4. Plan a trip - or at least day dream about one. Some of my favorite trips...

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The One Hundred | #62 Pajamas

In 2008, Nina Garcia published a book called The One Hundred | A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own and the list is a classic. #62 is Pajamas, and I couldn't agree more. I truly believe that you should represent your best self whether it is at work or...

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Reclaim Your Weeknights

Weeknights can be very stressful and all too often we find ourselves in a familiar routine. As work day expires with everything half finished, you jet off to pick up the kids to start your evening ritual. When you get home you stare desparately at the fridge praying...

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A Father’s Day Letter

Dear B, Today was a typical morning in our household, where you and I split the duties of delivering our children to their respective place of business for the day. I with the oldest who was off to her last day of Girl Scout camp and you had a date with the littlest...

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The Rwanda Collection

The Rwanda Collection is a collaboration between Katie Kime and Africa New Life. ANL is an NGO based in Rwanda that through child sponsorship, food programs, education and vocational training, to name a few, is helping to rebuild the nation of Rwanda. The women’s...

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Katie Kime is the founder and creative director of Katie Kime, Inc. and the Bright Living blog. At age seven she was making clay pots and has been creating in some form or fashion ever since. She is the designer and driver behind the company's 10+ lines of home and fashion, including furniture, fabric, lucite, accessories and apparel, among others. Beyond design, Katie is passionate about entrepreneurship and travel and merging the two whenever the opportunity presents itself. A native of North Carolina, Katie now resides in Austin, Texas but boards a plane as often as possible.