I have had a little obsession with Bloody Mary’s for some time and recently I struck gold when during a recent trip to my local spice shop I found inspiration for my Bloody Mary Spice mix. My other favorite is anything in mini form. And so put all of these items together and you have the perfect kit to give to your favorite bride to be, weekend guest, or girlfriend.

Bloody Mary ingredients quote

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Mini Can of Tomato Juice – You can use Campbell’s or V8.

Airplane size bottle of vodka.

Bloody Mary Spice mix

Mini Jar – I found mine at World Market.

Mini Tabasco and Olives – I found both at World Market.

Lucite Tray

Bloody Mary spice mix

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Assemble the goodies into the tray and you have a quick and easy gift that is sure to please. Add a personal touch with a monogrammed cocktail napkin. You can also add a recipe card for the spice mix.

Bloody Mary Mix Gift