Floor painting with Merrilee McGehee

I met the multi-talented Merrilee McGehee when we were neighbors years ago. She lived across the street and came to a trunk show I had at a friend’s house nearby. When I realized she was at the time the actress playing Buddy’ Garrity’s wife on Friday Night Lights (if you know, you know), but also a brilliant artist and designer we became fast friends. 

I had seen this floor she had done (she hand does all of the work) and have kept in mind for literally nearly 10 years. When I began designing our guest house I really wanted to do something different than what I’m usually know for – print on print on print – in the main area of the space and save pattern for the bedrooms. A play in color theory and hues not usually seen together was in my mind from the beginning. And I knew I wanted a painted floor. 

I started perusing and came across these bold statements among others.


I reached out to MM and gave her my vision and of course she got it immediately and sent back these CADS.


I chose option 3 and it’s almost complete! Seeing her process this past week has made me even more amazed by the jack of all trades. Stay tuned for the big reveal!