We believe that style and substance are not opposing philosophies. That a fabulous dress empowers you, an embellished notecard touches you, and a beautiful home recharges you. We believe it’s these everyday moments of delight that make for a well lived life.

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Favorite Down Time Activities from the Katie Kime Team

It's time to unwind. Here's what the Katie Kime team likes to do for their favorite down time activities. KATIE KIME FOUNDER, PRESIDENT, CREATIVE DIRECTOR My favorite way to unwind is undoubtedly a bubble bath. I take one every single evening either after work and...

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The Kaki Pants – Fashion Blogger Kaki Gaines

When fashion blogger and wardrobe stylist Kaki Gaines isn’t pulling together looks for the latest Kendra Scott campaign, she is working on her blog, The Kaki Pants, where she shares styling tips and outfit inspiration from her bold and fun style that’s full of color...

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A Love Themed Birthday with Friends and Family

One of the benefits of my birthday being essentially on  Valentine's Day is that I get to have a love themed birthday every year. Who doesn't appreciate an excuse to go over the top with florals, pink, and all things love. I teamed up with Kara from A Kalio Chic Life...

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Let’s Keep In Touch.

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Life is art in Provence, France

Today I am day dreaming of Paris. Life is art in Provence, and I couldn’t have been more inspired from my travels there.       My time in Provence, France was an incredible influence. The trip was slow and quiet and beautiful and restorative. It was the pace of...

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Travel Guide: 6 Favorites from Marrakech, Morocco

When you hear Morocco, if you're like me you immediately think of rugs and textiles. I've been fortunate enough to source some of my favorite pieces while here, but this country has so much more to offer. To give you a glimpse into Moroccan life, let's go on a tour of...

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Spotlight on Kara Whitten, Owner of Kailo Chic

Meet Kara Whitten, Owner + Creative Director of Kailo Chic. Kailo Chic is a lifestyle and gift brand specializing in bright colors and bold prints. We had the pleasure of working with Kara during Austin's SXSW Festival. Austin is filled with over 500,000 visitors...

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Bell and Bird – Pink Enamel and Emerald Custom Ring

Bell & Bird specializes in curated 18th and 19th Century Jewels, as well as, Custom Jewelry. Husband and wife owners, Cyrus and Rhianna Shennum enjoy the hunt for the lovely and the uncommon jewels that are hundreds of years old. Their evolving collection is carefully...

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it’s summertime. #MondayMotivation

BECAUSE A LITTLE BIT OF SUMMER IS WHAT THE WHOLE YEAR IS ABOUT. -John Mayer You asked, we answered: KK prints on suits! Visit our Pinterest board to print our Monday Motivation, or download a screensaver of our new pattern....

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Making Life Beautiful

I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life. - Elsie De Wolfe #MondayMotivation Khandar Our classic Indian inspired print available in two pattern colors; navy + pink. Beautiful Spaces Khandar print wallpaper available in traditional or...

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