We believe that style and substance are not opposing philosophies. That a fabulous dress empowers you, an embellished notecard touches you, and a beautiful home recharges you. We believe it’s these everyday moments of delight that make for a well lived life.

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Classic Americana with a Fashionable, Summer Twist

Memorial Day has come and gone, bringing us back to the very things that make us proud to be American. Our families, our combined heritages, the journey and exploration of so many different wonderful cultures that have all contributed to this great country. Everything...

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Favorite Down Time Activities from the Katie Kime Team

It's time to unwind. Here's what the Katie Kime team likes to do for their favorite down time activities. KATIE KIME FOUNDER, PRESIDENT, CREATIVE DIRECTOR My favorite way to unwind is undoubtedly a bubble bath. I take one every single evening either after work and...

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KK Cocktail Hour: 4th of July Drinks with Daisy Ryan

I am a big fan of everything McGuire Moorman Hospitality (MMH) does. From the clever interior design to the delicious menus at each of their five restaurants, stepping into one of their spaces is a quick dose of creative inspiration. I sat down with Daisy Ryan, the...

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Celebrating Dads and Fatherhood with DAN GRAHAM

This month, we celebrate Dads. They are strong, fearless, and often times, let’s face it, the “fun one.” In honor of Father’s Day, we had the Dads we admire try on our custom made Katie Kime ties* and talk about what they love most about fatherhood. Our...

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Nantucket is renowned for a variety of aspects, including the best seafood, rolling ocean views, and that quaint feeling. However, few may realize that Nantucket is also famous for its glorious hydrangeas! In fact, the name of these beautiful flowers that are grown in...

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Town of Sconset

Summer and adventure time is finally here! After arriving in the renowned Nantucket, Massachusetts, our journey was in light of true tourists. We hopped on a rental bike and braved the scenic 7-mile ride to a remote, gorgeous little village called Sconset, or...

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pretty + playful: a chic Austin play house

Who would think such a "tiny" project could be such fun! The Chandlees wanted the colors in Emmy's playhouse to really the walls stayed white and all the bright color was added to the furniture and trim. Patterned wallpaper on the ceiling, contrast pillows...

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"I truly delight in steering people towards their best colorful self." "I prefer the defined style of "no defined style" in a space. Rather I lean towards a  mixed breed of centuries, styles, colors and patterns, all working together to create a compelling and...

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Merrilee McGehee Design is the result of a life lived with a passion for creativity. That passion has flourished in many genres, including studio art, film and design. Merrilee McGehee (ne'e, Merrilee McCommas) nurtured her talents in the diverse settings of the Art...

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polka dots + your #mondaymotivation: keep going

NEVER GIVE UP ON A DREAM JUST BECAUSE OF THE TIME IT WILL TAKE TO ACCOMPLISH IT. THE TIME WILL PASS ANYWAY.   -EARL NIGHTINGALE #MondayMotivation NANTUCKET POLKA DOT We encourage you to dream big in our Nantucket Polka Dot Wallpaper. Visit our Pinterest...

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