Wallpaper Installation


Installation Guidelines: It is best to contact a professional paper hanger to perform proper installation for easy up and easy down wall covering or mural. A qualified installer can be found here.

Environment: Room temperature should be above 65° F (18°C) for 48 hours prior to install. Wallpaper should be acclimated to the same temperature as installation point for 48 hours prior to install. Walls should not contain in excess of 5% residual moisture.

Calculating How Many Rolls You Need: Calculate the hight and width of the area you are hanging the wallpaper. The pattern repeat is found under the Details tab for each wallpaper on its product page. 

Surface Preparation: Hanging surface must be smooth, undamaged, and free of dirt and moisture. Use a white wall covering primer to conceal joints. Roman: PRO-977 ULTRA-PRIME® Premium Pigmented Primer or similar is recommended. Thoroughly clean surface of all dirt, grease, and anything that might adversely affect proper installation.

New Construction: Properly prime surface with suitable product. For painted drywall, Roman: PRO-909 VINYL PREP® Clear Wallpaper Primer or similar is recommended. When hanging on other surfaces use proper primer for the surface to be applied.

Existing Construction: For new construction drywall and existing drywall installations use Strippable Wall Covering Adhesive or similar.

Process: Apply paste to wall with roller. For best results use a soft bristle brush working from the center of the panel out and smooth product on the wall. Use plastic strip or tape at seam to allow double cutting for a butt to butt installation. Clean any paste from Wallpaper surface with soft damp sponge. Apply paste for next panel. Line up panels at eye level and smooth from center out. Using proper primer and ample paste will allow wallpaper to slide into alignment with previous panel. When wallpaper or any wall covering is to be hung in a high traffic area it is recommended to finish either pre- hanging or post-hanging with a clear coating. When finishing post-hanging Inx Digital ClearFlexTM ME can be applied with a paint roller following the manufacturer’s directions. This will ensure long life and greatly improve harm from abrasion.


PVC Free Eco-friendly digitally printable wall covering, 20% post-consumer recycled.
Standard commercial wall covering pastes/primers and techniques
Meets or exceeds federal specification CCCW-408D
PVC & POA (Ole n) Free, No Plasticizers, No Phthalates, No Chlorine, No Halogen, No Heavy Metals, including: Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, or Zinc, and No Ozone Depleting Chemicals

Minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled content
67 Perms based on ASTM E96 Procedure B (wet cup)*
No harmful off gassing
Low Voc emitting
Class “A” Fire Rated – tested in accordance with ASTM-E84 Tunnel Test Can contribute towards the earning of up to 2 LEEDS credits
MR Credit 4.1 Recycled content 10% MR Credit 4.2 Recycled content 20%

*Permeable surface allows transfer of moisture to minimize possibility of mold and mildew growth. Wallpaper is intended for use in buildings that are properly designed and maintained to avoid moisture infiltration, condensation, and/or accumulation at wall cavities and wall surfaces, especially in warm, humid climate